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Whatever you can see in our page, they’re all available. However, if you are looking for other models, feel free to contact us because we might create additional models specifically for you if they are not on our site right now.

Yes, we have a lot of online promotional sale going on. You can get discount or promo code free shipping depending on the day. So keep on visiting our site so you’ll be one of the first people to know if we have an on-going sale in our site.

Yes, we deliver internationally so long as there is a partner carrier in the country where you are living. But it is not included in our free shipping policy as you will shoulder the payment for the carrier and the applicable tax if any.

Yes, all the scales are listed on the product page. So make sure that you input the correct scale you are looking for so we won’t have a problem moving forward. This is important because we don’t want any returns.

We only accept returns for defective products but subject to approval. We have a great Quality control team that checks for everything before we send them out. However, if the package was destroyed in transit, it will be covered by the insurance that you’ve paid.

So far, we don’t do customization but we have several shop partners who can customize your diecast cars. You can contact them to make a customized version and we will provide the base of the car. In that way, you can save money when finding your dream model car.